Car Problem Oil Leaks

Car Fluid Leaks: Identifying Your Car’s Drips

Finding fluid leaking from your car can be alarming. Some leaks are normal, but most are not. Having the leaks repaired promptly can prevent costly damage to your car’s engine and transmission. Checking Your Car For Leaks Unless your car has a catastrophic failure of one of its systems, most leaks will start small. If […]

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Cold Weather Car Tips

Should I Warm Up My Car’s Engine Before Driving?

“Should I warm up my car engine before driving off?” This question is common among drivers across America. For Pacific Northwest dwellers, it comes up every winter. During this period, balmy temperatures turn cold and there’s a flurry of rain storms. So, keeping one’s car running at top condition becomes a concern. Yet, warming up […]

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Plastic Radiators VS Metal Radiators: Why Should You Replace Them?

Radiator design has changed over the years, and recently there’s been a trend towards using radiators made mostly from plastic instead of metal. While plastic radiators are definitely cheaper to produce and install than their metal counterparts, they should probably ultimately be replaced. Here are just a few reasons why. Why You Should Replace Your […]

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