Sanden Style Replacements for GM GT6 Compressors

The GM HT6 is one of the most popular compressors replaced today. Mac’s offers two Sanden options for the two most popular HT6 compressors. The first is the 6511339 HT6 O.E. style compressor for the GM 5.7 V8, Mac’s offers the 6511340 Sanden style replacement compressor. Next for the GM 4.3L V6 applications with the […]

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Examples of Compressor Oil

Oil…The Lifeblood of the A/C System

Oil is an important part of the A/C system. Refrigerant charged oil circulates through the system while keeping 60-70% of the oil in the compressor at all times. This provides adequate lubrication to reduce friction (heat) and wear (metal particles that will cause premature compressor failure and clog condenser passages). When doing a compressor job, […]

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Air Conditioning System Flushing Procedure

Safety First Always Use Eye Protection!  A/C system refrigerant must be completely recovered using approved equipment in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. Disconnect all hoses from components to be flushed. Remove the orifice tube which is located in the liquid line or at the condenser or evaporator, or the expansion valve. Remove the cap. […]

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